Eurosonic – Specialist in producing ultrasonic components

Producer of ultrasonic welding components with UL certificate
One of the few companies worldwide producing ultrasonic welding components to be certified in compliance with UL.
Developer and in-house producer of ultrasonic components
We develop and produce our components in-house, since we are the only ones who can meet our quality standards.
EUROSONIC tests all components in their own research lab
Safety guaranteed by our inhouse research tests

On the same wavelength.

We are well established in the market as a production specialist in ultrasonic components for cutting, welding and screening. Our experience and our position as a technological pioneer give our customers and partners a sense of security. This is the basis upon which we can confront the challenges of tomorrow, today.

We either already have solutions to your tasks, or we can develop them together with you. How can we help you?


We can supply you with components for dependable industrial ultrasonic applications. They are of top quality and state-of-the-art technology.


Ultrasonic generator
Ultrasonic generator


Ultrasonic is used in a very wide range of areas, thanks to its many benefits. We have pioneering systems ready for you to use.



Our intelligent devices have already proven themselves in countless applications. This is where you will find our latest devices using ultrasonic technology.


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